Anual Meeting in Senden (first sunday of july)

Ever since 2000 we meet in Senden near Ulm, which is located between Munich and Stuttgart.
Usually 25-30 Ascona C convertibles come together there. A time to exchange experiences, spare parts, and of course, to contact people with similar interests.

Every year, on 1st of May, there is another meeting: In Möhnesee near Dortmund, 30-40 drivers of  an Ascona Convertibel meet there.

You`ll find more about these meetings under "Termine".

Informations about the convertible

In the book "Deutsche Cabriolets seit 1945", Author: Hans W. Mayer/Joachim Kuch,Motorbuch Verlag, you find this information: Opel-Dealer Keinath (South-Germany, Dettingen) built appr. 325 ascona-convertibles, which where sold from 39950 to 42000 DM. The company doesn`t exist anymore.

Opel itself sold the "Hammond & Thiede", the more popular version of the convertible. The price for transforming a 2-door-limousine into a convertible was appr. 12.600 DM. It could be ordered at any opel-dealer. Four weeks later the car was delivered.That conversion was planed in England, by the "Planungs- und Konstruktionsbüro International Automobil Design" (IAD). The realisation was managed by an english-german cooperation, the engineering-office "Hammond & Thiede", with settlements in Dover and Sulzbach am Main (Germany). After several Enterprises (e.g. Michelotti/ Italy and Tropic in Crailsheim/Germany failed, the professional carossier "Voll" in Würzburg-Heidingsfeld succeeded. Early cars carry a plate under their hood, that carrys the name "Voll" - later ones carry the name "Hammond & Thiede" there.

Voll also built special cars for arabian oil-sheiks, mobil-homes, fire-brigade-cars, hotel- and tv-busses and "jeeps" for the german police. As well they built cabins for the legendary truck "Opel Blitz". The Toyota Celica - Convertible was another important project of Voll. They also built two Porsche 928-Convertibles.

On January the 9th in 1985 Voll was taken over by Hammond & Thiede (Sulzbach am Main). As far as we know, 2873 ascona-convertibles were built there between 1984 and 1988
[1]. Finally the Vectra followed the Ascona, but only as a 4-door-limousine. Plans for a calibra convertible failed. Instead Bertone made the deal with opel and built the Kadett E convertible.

After that, Voll kept on building special trucks for some years. 1992 they inally went bankrupt and the last 480 employes lost their jobs.

[1] 1989 Voll wrote that in a letter to Mr. P. Stevens, England,
     (at this time owner of Nr. 2789)